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Due to the events that have occurred in Flint, Michigan regarding the presence of lead in many of its homes and businesses many of our customers are concerned about the quality of their own water.

We want to take this opportunity to inform you our customers about the safety of the water lines in the Curran-Gardner Water District system.

Your water district began water service to a small customer base in 1966.  It now provides water to over 2500 homes and businesses.  Our distribution system water mains are all constructed of cast-iron, ductile-iron, A/C pipe, or PVC (plastic).  None of these mains contain lead in their composition. 

Lead in drinking water is usually only found in the service lines that are constructed totally of lead, partially of lead, or copper pipes that were bonded with solder containing lead.  Since the installation of lead service lines (either fully or partially) was never done in our district, there is no risk of lead poisoning or even the presence of lead in our water service connections.  All of our service lines are made of copper or plastic.  Due to our treatment process, we also have an interior coating that prevents lead from lead solder from coming into contact with your drinking water.

The Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) originally required that we collect 40 samples each year for lead and copper analysis.  After several testing cycles showed that our district did not have worrisome lead or copper levels, the Illinois EPA lowered our sampling requirements to 20 samples each year.  Based on subsequent sampling results, the Illinois EPA reduced our monitoring schedule to 20 samples collected on a three-year collection schedule.

During our last collection/analysis testing cycle 19 of the 20 samples showed no detection of lead at all.  One sample did show a level of 5.87 parts per billion.  This level is still well below the Action Level for lead (15.00 parts per billion) and we believe is linked to sample collection error.

To learn more about our water system and all testing results, including lead, you can to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency website at:

Click on “For Citizens” (on left side of home page)

Scroll down to “Drinking Water” (section at bottom middle of page)

Click on “Drinking Water Watch”

Click on “Click Here for the County Map of Illinois”

Click on “Sangamon County”

Click on “Curran-Gardner Townships PWD”

To review our Lead sampling results, click on “Chem/Rad Sample/Results”

(All of our lead samples begin with the ID letters “LP” or “LA”)

To check the individual results of each lead sample site, click on samples beginning with “SG”

This will show you the results of both lead and copper at that particular sample site.

We apologize for the many “clicks” it takes to get to the site but the direct address consists of 66 characters!  If you have any questions or comments regarding lead levels or any other topic, please feel free to contact our Operations Manager at 217-820-1561.

For complete information, please visit our website at or call 217/546-3981.

IL USDA Celebrates Earth Day with Water & Environmental Project Announcements

Contact: Kate O'Hara

(217) 403-6205

CURRAN-GARDNER TOWNSHIPS, Illinois, April 21, 2016 — Earth Day is an opportunity to draw public attention to the growing needs for cleaner air and water. Celebrating Earth Day in Illinois, Administrator for Rural Utilities Service Brandon McBride is drawing attention to infrastructure investments made by Rural Development to ensure reliable access to clean, safe water. His visit included the Curran-Gardner Townships Public Water District, which has been awarded a $4 million loan through Rural Development’s Water & Waste Disposal program.

“This project and other funding the USDA is announcing this Earth Week will help alleviate pressures on many small communities that are dealing with the combined effects of aging infrastructure, climate change, drought and, in some cases, declining tax revenues due to population loss,” said Administrator McBride.

Due to the age of the Curran-Gardner water treatment plant (WTP), a number of components are in need of replacement and/or major renovation. As a result, water production is limited and maintenance requirements are high.

The proposed project calls for replacing half of the existing WTP and includes renovations to the waste water lagoon, communication upgrades and a standby generator for the well field. The project will be built on the existing treatment plant grounds.

McBride recognized the Water District Chairman, James Mitchell; Water District Office Manager Cherril Graff; and Engineer Max Middendorf and thanked them for their leadership and dedication. He noted that rural residents count on their community and water leaders to make these investments so they have clean, safe water coming out of the tap, as well as sanitary sewer service for generations to come.

Since 2009 in Illinois, 225 projects have been funded totaling over $315.3 million for new or improved water and waste infrastructure. These investments have benefited 500,842 people (185,497 households and businesses) in 70 counties throughout Illinois. They are part of USDA Rural Development’s total investment in Illinois of over $4.4 billion in the last 7 years.

“We know many communities in rural Illinois are dealing with aging infrastructure and other issues,” said Colleen Callahan, USDA Rural Development Director for Illinois. “We appreciate Administrator McBride coming to Illinois to support these efforts and encourage other communities to work with us to make investments in safe, clean water for their future.”

On April 19th, in recognition of the 46th anniversary of Earth Day, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced 60 projects totaling over $183 million in loans and grants to improve rural water and waste infrastructure.

The investments span 33 states and demonstrate USDA’s continued commitment to ensuring that rural environmental resources are protected and that rural citizens have clean, safe, reliable water and waste service.


USDA is an equal opportunity provider, employer, and lender. 4/25/2016

Special Notice to Springfield Sanitary District Customers within the Curran-Gardner Water District service area

At the request of the Springfield Metro Sanitary District, the Curran Gardner Water District has agreed to serve as the billing agent for the Sanitary District.  The Sanitary District rates, as determined by the rate schedule adopted by the Sanitary District Board, are now included on the Curran Gardner billing system.. The Water District has no authority to set sewer rates, nor to otherwise interfere in the operation of the Sanitary District.  questions concerning the rates set by the Sanitary District, or questions about the operation of the Sanitary District should be directed to the Sanitary District offices at 528-0491.

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