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Rules Relating to public comment at meetings can be downloaded here:

Rules of the Curran-Gardner Townships Public Water District.pdf


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Minutes and Agendas from Regular and Special Board Meetings


Date Agendas Minutes MP3 Audio files - Minutes
12/08/15 20151208agenda.pdf 20151208minutes.pdf Dec 8 2015.MP3
11/10/15 20151110agenda.pdf 20151110minutes.pdf Nov 11 2015.MP3
10/22/15 20151022SpclMtgAgenda.pdf 20151022spclmtgminutes.pdf Oct 22 2015.MP3
10/13/15 20151013agenda.pdf 20151013minutes.pdf Oct 13 2015.MP3
09/08/15 20150908agenda.pdf 20150908minutes.pdf Sep 8 2015.MP3
08/11/15 20150811agenda.pdf 20150811minutes.pdf Aug 11 2015.MP3
07/14/15 20150714agenda.pdf 20150714minutes.pdf Jul 14 2015.WMA
06/09/15 20150609agenda.pdf 20150609minutes.pdf Jun 9 2015.MP3
05/12/15 20150512agenda.pdf 20150512minutes.pdf May 12 2015.MP3
04/14/15 20150414agenda.pdf 20150418minutes.pdf Apr 14 2015.MP3

Apr 14 2015.MP3

03/10/15 20150310agenda.pdf 20150310minutes.pdf Mar 10 2015.MP3
02/28/15 20150228SpclMtgAgenda.pdf 20150228spclmtgminutes.pdf Plant Tour; no audio
02/10/15 20150210agenda.pdf 20150210minutes.pdf Feb 10 2015.MP3
01/28/15 20150128SpclMtgAgenda.pdf 20150128spclmtgminutes.pdf Jan 28 2015.MP3
01/20/15 20150120SpclMtgAgenda.pdf 20150120spclmtgminutes.pdf Jan 20 2015.MP3
01/13/15 20150113agenda.pdf 20150113minutes.pdf  

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